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The Process

Our restoration process is completely from scratch

As it is shown in the pictures, we disassemble each and every one of the vehicle’s bolts in order to restore and bring them back to life, and if this is not possible, we replace them with original ones from the German manufacturer. Everything is hand-built by our Birches Team professionals. From the disassembly and assembly of the engine, to the polishing and painting of the chassis, the blasting of the structure or the upholstery of the vehicle. Everything is new or fully restored by our BM specialists, in a process that takes no less than 1000 manual labor hours

manual labor hours


We want you to help us customize your dream car

There are three sections in which you can choose: 

  1. Exterior color of the chassis
  2. Color of the hood 
  3. The interior upholstery

You can suggest your combinations and our team will work with you to adjust as much as possible to what you want.

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